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E-Lift offers a wide variety of material handling solutions, most of which center around our ergonomic vacuum tube lifting systems and related equipment.

    • Unsure which vacuum tube lifting product line is right for you?
      Visit our Product Selection Matrix to view detailed specifications to help determine which system is best for your particular needs.

  • Vaculex - Heavy Duty Vacuum Tube Lifting System
    The VL model Tube Lifter is one of the most established and proven products in the family of Vaculex products. Generally it is applied...
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  • Microlex - Light Duty Vacuum Tube Lifting System
    The Microlex tube lifter lead the way in achieving one- hand tube lifter control. The microlex as the its name would suggest is a compact low mass ergonomically designed lifter that affords the user complete control using only one hand. Like the...
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    View Video of the ML in action & to Learn More...

  • Parcelex - Package/Box Vacuum Tube Lifting System
    The Parcelex is the newest tube lifter in the Vaculex family. It is ideally suited for lifting parcels, pails and other porous and non-porous items. It’s most notable benefit...
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  • Accessories - Tailoring Our Systems to Meet Your Requirements
    Customizing your Vacuum Tube Lifting System to suite YOUR needs

  • Material Handling Cranes - Mounting Cranes for Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems
    (Work Station Bridge, Work Station Jib, and Overhead Bridge Cranes)
    All of our vacuum tube lifting systems must be connected to an overhead support structure. E-Lift can supply all your needs in this area with a wide variety of material handling cranes such as work station jib cranes, articulating work station jib cranes, ceiling mounted bridge cranes, ceiling mounted monorails and free standing work station bridge cranes. Manually operated work...
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    View Video of our Cranes in action & to Learn More...

  • Lift Tables - coming soon

  • Battery Powered Portable Lifters - coming soon

    E-Lift: the Intelligent Way to Lift
    Visit our Main Video Clip Library to view short video clips to see how much our products can help you.
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