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Vacuum Tube Lifter - Vaculex Product Line:

Our Vaculex unit is designed to be used with your heavier lifts. It is strong, versatile and user-friendly. Vaculex is available in six lift tube sizes ranging from 100mm to 200mm.

The Vaculex is also available in a Double Lift Tube configuration for your heaviest lifts.

Vaculex units utilize electric vacuum pumps in three different sizes for best performance and flexibility.

The Vaculex unit can also utilize a pneumatic vacuum pump for applications such as explosive environments.

  • The Vaculex model Tube Lifter is one of the most established and proven products in the family of Vaculex products.
  • Generally it is applied where heavier loads are considered. Capacities range from 75-400 lbs. or 34-181 kg.
  • Consistent with the other Vaculex products, the Vaculex model Tube Lifter features modular design and construction. This means that it can be changed easily to fit changing applications by simply adding or deleting components.
  • It easily adapts to custom tooling allowing maximum flexibility to achieve optimum ergonomic solutions.
  • Optimum ergonomic solutions are best accomplished using the Vaculex model because its modular design allows user-friendly control.
  • Typical applications include side lifting, drum dumping/pouring, 90 and 180 degree turning, overhead palletizing and depalletizing and managing cantilevered loads.
Heavy Duty Vacuum Tube Lift Material Handling Equipment
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